Status message

We regret to inform you that as of May 28, 2023, BrilliantView will cease to function.
The market for telephony continues to evolve and as such, our business has become unsustainable.
We appreciate your business over the years, and are saddened to be closing ours.
We have stopped all billing of your account.

Installation and Use Guide


Thank you for purchasing BrilliantView, the industry's first centralized look at all of your ShoreTel Onsite installations. Finally, you can see all the important statuses and systems information from one web-based dashboard.

Developed by a long-time ShoreTel Partner for in-house use, we are proud to be able to offer you this system for your use. We are confident you will find it immensely helpful, and help you provide a much higher level of customer service.

If you have ideas, requests, add-ons for future releases, please send them to us! We're always improving the system, and would love your suggestions.

How does BrilliantView work?

We've developed a lightweight agent that runs as a Windows Service on the customer's HQ Director Server.

Every five minutes, it sends a small (500kb) payload of information to our Dashboard servers.

If a server stops sending data for 30 minutes, their timestamp will appear red, and we'll send you an email.

It's another way to listen to your many installations, and provide world-class service.


Getting Started

Setting up and using BrilliantView is fast and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Add your company information to the Profile page (icon located at the top right) 
  2. Add users to the system
  3. Download and install agents on your customers' Director Servers  
  4. Setup your Remote-Control platform launch URL  
  5. Enter the email address you use for Alerting
  6. Thrill your customers with real-time support!

Adding Dashboard Users

Dashboard and Administrative users are added/deleted at the bottom of the Company Profile page. 

Users marked "Is Billing" will have access to the billing and payment gateway. They will need additional credentials to access billing info.



Installing Agents on Director Servers

Agents are downloaded from the top of the dashboard by clicking on the download icon  

Simply copy the file to the C: drive (anywhere) of the Customer's HQ Director Server (only), double-click on it, and follow the prompts.

Within a minute or two, the customer will show up live in your Dashboard, it's as simple as that!

Remember, you only need to install the agent once for each ShoreTel System Instance, and only on the main "Headquarters" Director Server.




Navigating the System

We've designed the Dashboard to be very familiar, and easy to move around in.

Based on a "drill-down" methodology, clicking on a gadget, or text, will take you deeper into detail.

You can always get back to the main Dashboard from anywhere by clicking on the BrilliantView logo.

Whenever we can, we've mimicked the ShoreTel Diagnostics and Monitoring layout, to provide a familiar feel.

Hovering over an icon shows the tool tip function of that icon.

On each customer page, you'll see a menu which shows a complete list of all users in the system, along with relevant information.

Of course, you can export any list on any page by clicking on these:



 Clicking on any of the round gadgets on any screen lists below all those devices, statuses, and details



Launching your Remote Control Platform

You can enter the URL of your Remote Control platform on the Company Profile page. 

Then launch the system in a new window by clicking on the icon at the top of any page  



Our enhanced alerting allow you to pick which alerts and errors you want to recieve emails about, and how often (once or hourly).

To setup custom alerts:

  1. Go to your Profile Page 
  2. Click on this button 
  3. Enter the email address you want alerts to go to, i.e.
  4. For each Notification, pick NONE, ONCE, or HOURLY
  5. At the bottom of the page, choose the time of day (Eastern US Time) you want alerts to start and end. This lets you silence alarms during maintenance/backup windows, when all ShoreTel services are suspended.
  6. Hit "Save" and you're all done!

CRM/Ticketing System Integration Enhancement


  • Notification emails can now come FROM a specific email address, by customer, and
  • We’ve re-arranged the SUBJECT and BODY contents, to standardize parsing rules if you use them


Notification emails:


One of our most requested enhancements is live. You can now choose the sending email address for BrilliantView notifications, by customer.

If you use a CRM/ticketing system, it likely will resolve to that contact and open the ticket under the associated company/person. ConnectWise, TigerPaw, Autotask, Spiceworks and many more CRMs all work this way.

We’ve accomplished this in a rather clever fashion – by using the “Secondary Contact Email” field in the Director/Contact information page (a rarely used field for most).

If you enter an email address in this field, it becomes the “from” address for notification emails. As long as that email/contact exists in your CRM system, the ticket will be opened for that specific company.

If that field is empty in your Customer’s Director page, the emails will come from


Parsing Rules


You’ll notice that the notification emails now contain the error code, error description, device, and customer name in the Subject. This will allow for standardized parsing of inbound emails for your system.

Those of you that use email parsing can now assign priorities, resources, escalation workflow rules, and other best-practices to enhance your service levels.



You can now drill into detail about appliances and servers

When you click on an appliance or server, you’ll see details similar to what’s in Diagnostics & Monitoring, memory use, temperatures, etc.

There’s a consolidated view of ALL customer appliances under CUSTOMER TOOLS – HEALTH CHECK that’s pretty neat.


The Customer Detail Report

This extensive report is now live, under “Customer Tools” while viewing a specific customer. An Excel Workbook with several sheets details everything you want to know about a customer.

Full audit & documentation in just minutes!


Licenses in Use Report is now live under Customer Tools


Need more agents?

You can add server agents in 10-packs, manage your account, credit-card info, and all accounting information by accessing our secure portal 



Getting Support is easy, call us at 585-246-4501 or email