Status message

We regret to inform you that as of May 28, 2023, BrilliantView will cease to function.
The market for telephony continues to evolve and as such, our business has become unsustainable.
We appreciate your business over the years, and are saddened to be closing ours.
We have stopped all billing of your account.

System Requirements

BrilliantView works with any onsite ShoreTel System:

  • Works with ShoreTel Director Versions 14.x and higher
  • Our lightweight agent easily installs using local Windows Administrator Credentials
  • Installs on the primary Headquarters Director Server only
  • Runs as a background Windows Service
  • Uses TCP Port 443, for https:\\, which may be miscategorized by some content filters
  • Sends a data package every five minutes, ranging from 500k to ~10mb, depending on customer size
  • Base plan comes with 50 agents, additional agents can be added at any time